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Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Melbourne

World-Class Alcohol Addiction Treatment at The Cabin Melbourne – Why Victorian residents choose The Cabin Melbourne for alcohol rehab.

Australia is known worldwide as a nation that likes to drink. With heavy social drinking accepted and even encouraged during many celebrations, Australians often do not realise when they are drinking to excess. Indeed, an estimated 15% of Australians reportedly consume alcohol at levels that are considered to be “high-risk”.

The danger lies in the speed with which alcohol abuse can progress to alcohol addiction or alcohol dependence. Alcohol addiction is a chronic, progressive disease – the longer it goes untreated, the worse it becomes.

Issues caused by alcohol consumption can manifest themselves in many areas of life including:

  • Strained family or social relationships
  • Impaired performance at work
  • Financial difficulties
  • Psychological or emotional difficulties
  • Health problems

If you feel like alcohol is no longer a choice, or if you find that alcohol is causing problems in your life, you have come to the right place. The Cabin Melbourne offers initial consultations and treatment recommendations to help you find your path to recovery.

Why The Cabin Melbourne is the Best Choice for Alcohol Addiction Treatment

At The Cabin Melbourne we offer highly confidential treatment that fits your life. Our outpatient treatment programme allows you to carry on with your daily routine while receiving effective treatment that fits your schedule. Your privacy is important to us – many of our clients are professionals with a reputation to uphold. We take the utmost care to protect your confidentiality both during and after treatment.

Receive the Highest Quality Treatment at The Cabin Melbourne

The Cabin Melbourne is part of the world renowned Cabin Addiction Services Group. We utilise a unique and highly effective treatment approach combining our own innovative Recovery Zones method in conjunction with other proven addiction treatments including 12 steps, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. This multifaceted treatment programme yields unrivaled success rates for alcohol addiction recovery and relapse prevention making us one of the most coveted alcohol rehabs in the region.

An Experienced Team of Professionals to Assist You

Our specialised programme is administered by a team of experienced psychologists, psychiatrists, and addiction counselors. Each member of our team has been carefully selected to provide the highest quality treatment and support while you face, and recover from your addiction.

The Cabin Chiang Mai Residential Rehab

The Cabin Chiang MaiClients of The Cabin Melbourne who are in need of medically assisted alcohol detox, or would benefit from round-the-clock care, are granted fast tracked access to our inpatient programme at The Cabin Chiang Mai. Located near the beautiful mountains of Northern Thailand, The Cabin Chiang Mai is the ‘gold standard’ in alcohol addiction treatment. Clients at The Cabin Chiang Mai are housed in a luxurious resort style facility with access to 24 hour care from our western-trained addiction treatment team. Being removed from all environmental and social triggers for alcohol allows our clients to focus completely on their recovery. Aside from the natural beauty of the surroundings in this popular holiday destination, our location in Thailand allows us to provide our inpatient programme at a fraction of the cost of residential treatment in Australia.

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