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Gambling Addiction Treatment at The Cabin Melbourne

Australians are the world’s biggest gamblers, suffering the highest per capita gambling losses of any nation worldwide. The largest problem for Australian gamblers is slot machines; with one half of the $23 billion dollars gambled yearly being pumped into these highly addictive machines.

Australia is home to a hugely disproportionate number of slot machines with only half a percent of the world’s population but an astonishing 5% of the world’s slot machines. These so-called ‘pokies’ can be very enticing, with their bright displays and mesmerising sounds tempting users to play. With the overwhelming presence of these pokies in Australian society, it is easier than ever to fall victim to gambling addiction. In fact, a recent statistic suggests that 500,000 Australians are either problem gamblers or at a very high risk of succumbing to this fate. If your gambling, or the gambling of someone close to you has gotten out of control, The Cabin Melbourne can recommend the best treatment to help get your life back under control.

What is Gambling Addiction?

Gambling addiction, a type of behavioural or process addiction, is characterized by a compulsion to gamble or place bets despite the negative consequences suffered as a result. As with all types of addiction, gambling addiction is linked to a malfunction in the brain region responsible for mediating behaviour and reward. The thrill experienced when a problem gambler places a bet is the result of a flood of pleasure-causing dopamine and leads to physical changes in the brain analogous to what is seen in sufferers of substance addiction. Those who suffer from gambling addiction find themselves unable to stop their destructive behaviour even as debts begin to pile up and the devastating effects of their gambling extend to multiple areas of their life.

Effects of Gambling Addiction

The most obvious effects of gambling addiction are financial: loss of money, forfeiture of assets and large, unmanageable debts. Those struggling with a severe gambling addiction will go to extreme lengths to acquire the money to place their next bet; selling off stocks or large assets such as cars, re-mortgaging their homes or borrowing money from loan-sharks. In extreme cases, problem gamblers may even resort to stealing money from friends, family or the workplace to procure the funds to fuel their gambling addiction.

In addition to the monetary cost of gambling addiction, the detrimental effects extend to the sufferer’s relationships as well. In an attempt to hide a gambling addiction from friends, employers or loved ones, a problem gambler may lie about their whereabouts and their spending. They may call in sick to work or just fail to show up all together when caught in the throes of gambling addiction. The financial difficulties, dishonesty and extreme stress that accompany gambling addiction can tear apart even the most stable relationships.

Gambling addiction can also compromise one’s metal health. The stress of being plagued by a gambling addiction and the associated consequences can have damaging psychological effects including: irritable mood, severe anxiety and depression.

Gambling addiction, like substance addiction, leads to physical changes in the brain and will not simply go away on its own. Considering the breadth and seriousness of the potential consequences of gambling addiction, it is imperative that professional treatment be sought as soon as possible, to prevent these detrimental effects from spiralling out of control.

Treatment Options for Gambling Addiction

Treatment for gambling addiction can be successfully administered in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

In the majority of cases, recovery from gambling addiction can be successfully achieved through outpatient treatment. This style of treatment has several advantages including the ability for clients to remain in their normal environment, keeping up with family and vocational obligations while receiving the treatment they need. Additionally, outpatient treatment allows clients to put the skills learned in treatment into immediate practice in their daily lives. This type of treatment is best suited for individuals who are not able to take leave from their professional and personal commitments, and who are capable of managing their addiction while remaining in their normal environment.

Individuals whose gambling addiction has become quite severe may require a more intensive treatment approach. For these individuals, inpatient treatment at a residential rehab facility is more appropriate. During inpatient treatment, clients are housed and treated simultaneously in a safe environment free from addiction triggers. During inpatient treatment, recovery is the main priority and clients are free to focus 100% of their attention on finding freedom from their addiction.

Choosing between inpatient and outpatient treatment is a difficult decision and should be based on the recommendation of an addiction expert.

Why Victorian Residents Choose The Cabin Melbourne

Our convenient location in the heart of Melbourne and flexible treatment schedule make it easy to attend treatment while keeping up with the demands of your busy work and personal life. As part of The Cabin Addiction Services Group, The Cabin Melbourne prides itself on providing top quality addiction treatment while upholding the highest standards of confidentiality and professionalism. This impeccable reputation allows us to recruit the very best addiction treatment specialists from around the globe. Our team of addiction experts have extensive knowledge and experience in treating the complex disease of addiction and will identify and address any co-occurring disorders or underlying trauma, giving you the best chance of lasting recovery.

A Treatment Programme That Works

The Cabin Melbourne, alongside all members of The Cabin Addiction Services Group, utilises a unique and remarkably successful treatment method coined Recovery Zones. In conjunction with other proven addiction treatments including CBT, the 12 steps, and mindfulness meditation we tackle your addiction from all angles and provide you with the tools and coping methods to recognise, predict and resist relapse triggers. Based on our clinical assessment, each client receives a tailor made treatment plan to address their specific addiction needs. Our holistic, personalised treatment strategy is tremendously successful with an impressive 96% completion rate.

Some clients may find that their regular environment poses too many obstacles to recovery. For these individuals, we recommend attending treatment at our world-renowned inpatient facility, The Cabin Chiang Mai.

The Cabin Chiang Mai Residential Rehab

The Cabin Chiang MaiLocated in the beautiful mountainous outskirts of Chiang Mai, Thailand, The Cabin Chiang Mai is the ideal setting to find recovery from gambling addiction. Our resort-like facility provides refuge from your daily obligations and addiction triggers allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the recovery process. Enjoy the lush tropical gardens, take a refreshing dip in the pool or relax with a Thai massage all while receiving top-quality care from our western-accredited team of addiction experts.

Our location in Northern Thailand not only allows us to provide world-class treatment at a fraction of the price of residential rehab in Australia, but also gives you the opportunity to experience some of what this incredible country has to offer. Weekly excursions to activities such as jungle treks, white water rafting and elephant encounters will help you to see why Thailand is such a popular holiday destination among Australians and remind you how thrilling life can be free from the shackles of gambling addiction.

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