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Press Coverage of The Cabin Melbourne

The Cabin Melbourne is one of the top addiction treatment centres in the world and has been celebrated as such in the media. High-profile press coverage has applauded our innovative treatment method, impressive recovery rate and the exceptional quality of our clinical team.

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A closer look at the promising new pill offering hope for ice addicts

Finding a way to reduce cravings in people who are addicted to methamphetamine or ‘ice’ is one of the biggest challenges facing users who are ready to quit, according to health professionals.

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How to spot video game addiction in kids

Addiction to online gaming in children has been a significant topic of discussion among parents in recent months.

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The Hook Up (Full video)

It’s the sex-ed you wish you’d had – Nat Tencic talks all things sex, love and relationships. We ask why engagements are a thing, plus what does being “420 friendly” do to your relationship?

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How does being ‘420 friendly’ affect your relationship?

Are you and your partner consistently blazed? Is it 420 24/7?

More than a third of 18-21 year olds have tried weed at some point, and it’s the most used illicit drug in Australia. Despite it being very common, we rarely talk about how getting high can affect your relationships and sex life.

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The Changing Face of Cocaine Use

It used to be seen as the drug of choice for the rich, but demand for cocaine is now across the board — “you do not have to live anywhere special, you don’t have to work anywhere special, it has changed that way”.

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Tackling Opioid Addiction

Our head counsellor Jarrod Weir shares his personal experience with prescription opioid addiction and recommends the channels available for help if you suspect you have become addicted to your medication.

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My first Christmas sober: Alcoholic Matthew* on getting through the silly season booze-free

COULD you forgo the festive drinking and stick to water for all of December and January? We speak to one man who has no other choice this Christmas.

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Are doctor-shoppers really at the heart of our opioid crisis?

Around 600 Australians die each year from prescription drug overdoses, and the figure rises each year.

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Opioid prescription crisis: Everyday Aussies, not ‘doctor shoppers’, at heart of crisis, experts say

The prescription opioid crisis is often linked to doctor shopping — but experts say most addicts are actually mums, dads and office workers, who only see one GP.

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A tough habit to break

Sports betting is the only gambling form for which par-ticipation has increased in the past decade, and one in seven Australian adults now gambles on sport, research shows.

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Sex addict relives the ‘horror’ of his obsession, and how he felt like a predator

Dave’S battle with a sex addiction started when he was just a 15-year-old teenage boy. This year, the “shame” of being a predator became all too much.

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The Medical Republic: Anti-Ice Campaign Backfires

Addiction experts have criticised the federal government’s anti-ice campaign, saying the sensationalist portrayal of users likely discourages them from seeking treatment.

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The Huffington Post: Middle Class And Addicted To Ice

Sitting at a rehab facility in Sydney, Jarrod is now two years clean. It has been a difficult journey through detox, rehab, a marriage breakdown, loss of his profession and what he calls a “wholesale” shift in how he views his life, to get to this point.

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Thailand Tattler: Kicking It

These places may look like plush resorts but this is no holiday. Gurleen khanijoun visits the high-end rehab centres that aim to break the cycle of addiction

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The Sydney Morning Herald: South Sydney Rabbitohs’ Paul Carter checks into The Cabin rehabilitation facility

Troubled South Sydney forward Paul Carter has checked himself into the same Thai rehabilitation facility Mitchell Pearce used earlier this year in a bid to get his life and career back on track.

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SBS:My drug addiction: From IT consultant to ice addict and back

36-year-old Jarrod was just like any other professional before he became addicted to ice. He had a well-paying job, a great life partying on weekends with mates, a loving wife and a child. So what went wrong?

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The Huffington Post: Binge Eating And Over Eating Is An Addiction Disorder

How many apps for takeaway places or meal delivery services do you have on your
phone? Or if you’re retro, how many paper takeaway menus sit on top of your fridge ?

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MSN: International lotteries as ‘addictive as pokies’

A website that enabled 250,000 Australians to try their luck in the $2.1b US Powerball could be opening a dangerous new avenue for gambling addiction, a leading expert has warned.

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Traveller: Rehab in Thailand at The Cabin Chiang Mai resort: Where you can heal in paradise

Travellers to Thailand have long appreciated the restorative powers of a holiday in the Land of Smiles. Arrive frazzled, burnt out and wearing your shoulders as earrings, depart glowing and re-energised by a week or two of massages, warm weather and pad Thai.

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Daily Mail Australia: A day in the life of an addict at the luxury Thai rehab resort where Australians are spending $14,000 a month on kick-boxing and yoga classes to break their ice habits

The Cabin rehabilitation centre in Thailand is a five-star retreat where ice-addicts pay up to $14,000 to try and kick their destructive habit.
Almost 500 Australians have booked into the luxury Chiang Mai facility since it opened in 2010 and they dine on the best Thai, Mexican and Italian buffets.


Mamamia: “Rotted teeth. Scabby face. What my ice addiction was really like.”

It started as an easy way to avoid the pain of a relationship breakdown — but soon escalated to a full-blown habit that left Rachel* jobless, sleepless and forking out $500 a day.

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2ser: Forced Rehab: A Drug Councillor’s Perspective

Have you ever found it hard to change a habit? Has someone forcing you to make the change made it easier ?

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Dailytelegraph: Statistics show dramatic spike in drug offences in Pittwater over two year period

THERE has been a staggering 59 per cent increase in drug use offending in Pittwater over the past two years, according to new figures­.

news-com-au-logo Hidden addiction: Life as a high-functioning alcoholic

The Sydney professional believed her drinking habit had truly ruined her life and spent parts of her hung-over bus trips into the city to start her well-paying, respected job fantasising about reincarnation: “I thought I’d f***ed this life up so bad, I felt like maybe there was a chance I could just do better.”

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The Age National: Ice-addicted Australians choosing Bali and Thailand for cheaper treatment

Bali and Thailand – the preferred escape for Australians wanting cheap dental work and plastic surgery – has now become a destination for ice addicts wanting rehabilitation.

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The Sydney Morning Herald: Case study: Ice-addicted Australian finds salvation in Thai rehab centre

The breaking point came on Labour Day last year when the 35-year-old paranoia-riddled IT analyst walked into a police station in Melbourne and told officers people were following him.

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SoberNation: Why America Should Be Grateful For Their 12 Step Treatment Centers

A heroin epidemic in the rustbelt, meth labs on the borders, prescription medications flying out of the doctor’s office and everywhere there is the rise of potent dopamine boosting technology pumping our brains’ reward systems. But is America any different to any other country in this respect? In my view, no, not really.

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GoodHealth: Are you a high-functioning alcoholic?

You like to unwind with a few drinks, but your life and career are on track. So there’s no way you could be an alcoholic, is there? Angela Barrett investigates.

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LateLine: Australian ice addicts head to rehab in Thailand

Rising numbers of Australian methamphetamine users are travelling to rehabilitation centres in Thailand to beat their habit. The so called ‘rehab resorts’ offer budget-priced treatment, far away from the possible temptations of home.

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TheSoberWorld: Are Alcoholics Anonymous and The 12 Steps Really Irrational, Unscientific & Outmoded or are They Actually Vindicated by Pioneering Neuroscience?

Spates of recent articles in the press have denounced 12 Step programs as unscientific and irrational but this is based in a lack of understanding of what creates and maintains healthy neuro-adaptation in humans.

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Gentlemen’s Quarterly: Rehab Tourism

Liam Springs from the cab, Mumbling something at the driver-possibly thank-and marches into sydney international airport it’s mid-morning and the place is already a mess of fluorescent lights and foreign accents. Bright and loud, It’s not ideal.

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Daily Mail Australia: getting clean in the hills of Thailand

You could be forgiven for mistaking The Cabin as another luxurious Thai getaway,until a man casually asks over lunch : “So When’s your release date?”

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Sydney Morning Herald: the face of addiction is not always what you think

Walk into The Cabin Chiang Mai, a luxury rehab clinic in Thailand’s north and you are likely to see executives, models, celebrities, elite soldiers, businesspeople and even Olympic athletes.

news-com-au logo in paradise: why Aussie addicts are going to rehab in Chiang Mai, Thailand

BY THE time she was 21, Rosa* was addicted to alcohol, cocaine, ecstasy and marijuana. The Australian model was a high-functioning addict.

news-com-au logo sexologists and sex therapists are divided over sex addiction

BY THE end of his 28-year marriage, Jeff* was spending $5,000 a month on other women.

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Sydney Morning Herald: Aussies are bigger boozers than the brits, but belarus tops the list

Australian culture is marinated in alcohol.
We drink to survive screaming children at first birthday parties, to celebrate wins and commiserate losses and to toast important milestones like the middle of the week, the strike of midday and breakfast.

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Daily Mail Australia: a sex addict who slept with hundreds of women is now helping others


‘I was a straight Wall St banker having sex with men and living in a brothel with my prostitute girlfriend’: The extraordinary life of a sex addict – who was married by the priest who abused him at the age of 12


news-com-au logo fifo fed my addiction: an ex-employee tells all about drinking on the job

“I was on my way to retiring, and then I had to sell my houses to pay for it,” he told “I lost all my equity. I was a raging alcoholic.”

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SBS: inside the cabin: the reality of rehab

A Queensland jockey reveals what really goes on behind the walls of a rehabilitation treatment facility.

Rehabs logo the 10 most luxury drug treatment centers in the world

When celebrities detox from drug or alcohol abuse, it’s not surprising that they gravitate toward the most luxurious addiction treatment centers available. Luckily, there are no celebrity status requirements for you to enjoy the high-end comforts that come with luxury addiction treatment.

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Nine MSN: what it’s really like in rehab

When you read about celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan and Zac Efron doing time in luxury rehab centres, it’s easy to imagine them in a plush place for a spot of R&R. But as Adam Lucas*, 34, told ninemsn, the reality is much more confronting.

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Inside Sport: The Sport Addiction


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Sunshine Coast Daily: Talented jockey determined to leave darks days behind him

TWELVE months ago I sat down and spoke with Chris Maund about his successful return to the saddle. Maund appeared to be in high spirits. This was a good-news racing story. Maund’s gifted riding career was regaining momentum. He was on the climb back from injury, weight problems and some personal issues.

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The Mining Advocate: How to beat the booze trap

Establishing a clear after-work routine that does not involve alcohol is among the key tactics a psychologist recommends to help FIFO workers beat the trap of regularly drinking too much.

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Australian Mining:Healthy mining minds

While the average miner earns above average wages, many miners work longer than average hours, live away from family, and operate in highly dangerous or remote areas.

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The Age: Death toll rises as prescription drug abuse grows

More people are dying from abusing prescription drugs, which are being misused at historic rates and increasingly for recreational purposes.

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Mining Chronicle: Addiction climb alarm

An alarming number of Australian mining workers are seeking rehabilitation for drug and alcohol addiction, according to recently released figures from a leading treatment centre.

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Sydney Morning Herald: Rehab: the next chapter of celebrity endorsement

Once upon a time stars grappling with drug addiction were sent to a “facility” to recover from “exhaustion”, now rehab centres welcome and publicise a celebrity check-in.