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Internet addiction treatment in Melbourne

Internet Addiction Treatment in Melbourne –
Why The Cabin Melbourne is the best choice for internet addiction treatment

The world wide web: providing instant access to a seemingly unlimited supply of information and entertainment, and the ability to stay in touch with friends and family around the world. The internet is unquestionably one of mankind’s greatest achievements, but for some people it can become more trouble than it’s worth.

Along with rapidly developing technology, improved accessibility, and increased exposure to the internet comes a growing incidence of a new type of process addiction: internet addiction. With the ever increasing role of technology in our daily lives, it is no surprise that internet addiction is one of the fastest growing addictions worldwide.

Australians appear to have a particular affinity for internet use as their Facebook usage outnumbers that of both Britain and the United States. Among Australians, Victorian residents have the second highest rates of excessive internet usage spending an average of 18 hours per day online, second only to New South Wales. With more and more people buying smartphones, this number is only expected to increase. Unfortunately, much of this time devoted to the web comes at a cost to time spent with friends, family, and children and at the expense of productivity at work.

Internet addiction comes in many forms including smartphone addiction, cybersex addiction and online gaming addiction, to name a few. While many people frequently use the internet, what separates healthy and problematic use is a compulsive need to access the internet as well as thoughts preoccupied with the same. While this line between normal and disordered behaviour can be difficult to draw, some warning signs of internet addiction include:

  • Spending significantly more time on the internet than you intend to (or even realise)
  • Withdrawing from in-person interactions in favour of spending more time online
  • Hiding the extent of your internet usage from others
  • Failure to complete important tasks or fulfil obligations as a result of time spent online

As with any other addiction, internet addiction is a progressive disease, meaning that without proper treatment it gets worse over time. If your internet use, or that of someone close to you, has become problematic, it is best to seek help from an addiction professional as soon as possible. The Cabin Melbourne offers comprehensive addiction assessments to recommend the best course of treatment for internet addiction.

Why Victorian residents choose The Cabin Melbourne

At The Cabin Melbourne, we understand that our clients lead busy lives. Our flexible outpatient programme allows you to schedule treatments around your work and family commitments so that you can get the quality help you deserve without sacrificing what’s most important to you.

Addiction treatment is a private matter and we take your privacy seriously. The Cabin Melbourne proudly upholds the highest standards of quality treatment and discretion to ensure that your confidentiality is protected while you focus on your recovery goals.

A treatment method that works

The Cabin Melbourne, as part of The Cabin Addiction Services Group, utilises a unique treatment method specially designed to treat process addictions for which complete abstinence is not realistic. This treatment method, coined Recovery Zones, is combined with other proven addiction therapies including CBT and a modified version of the 12 steps. Our holistic treatment programme is internationally recognised for its effectiveness and boasts an impressive 96% completion rate.

The highly skilled team at The Cabin Melbourne are addiction experts who understand the complex disease of addiction inside and out. Using their extensive knowledge and experience in treating addiction, they individually create a treatment programme to address the unique needs of each client.

Clients of The Cabin Melbourne who are in need of more intensive addiction treatment will gain fast tracked access to our world-class inpatient treatment centre, The Cabin Chiang Mai.

Recover in luxury at The Cabin Chiang Mai

The Cabin Chiang MaiSet in a beautiful mountainside location in northern Thailand, our residential rehab facility, The Cabin Chiang Mai offers a tranquil setting free from your addiction triggers. Detox from technology as you relax by the pool, unwind with a Thai massage or take in the breathtaking views at our resort-like facility. Our inpatient programme offers psychotherapeutic addiction treatment in conjunction with complimentary activities such as mindfulness meditation, yoga and physical fitness training for complete, well-rounded healing. Our weekly excursions to activities such as white water rafting and elephant encounters help remind you how rich life can be in the absence of technology.

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