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Process Addiction Treatment in Melbourne

Process Addiction Treatment in Melbourne – Why Victorian Residents choose The Cabin Melbourne for effective, affordable process addiction treatment

Are you addicted to food, sex, gambling or the internet? When we talk about addiction, what usually comes to mind are addictions to substances, such as alcohol or drugs. But as it turns out, people can become addicted to certain behaviours, or processes, as well. We call these process addictions, the consequences of which can be far reaching and devastating for those who suffer from them, as well as their loved ones.

These process addictions, while not as often talked about, are more prevalent than many people realise. The most commonly known is gambling addiction, and Australians are no strangers to gambling. In fact, Australia has the highest per capita gambling losses of any country in the world.

Process addictions also include addictions to sex and food. While it may seem counterintuitive to think that someone could become addicted to one of the basic behaviours necessary for survival, when thoughts become consumed by these behaviours, and actions become largely driven by them, it is a very likely sign of addiction. With more and more Australians seeking treatment for these addictions, it is safe to say that they are on the rise.

The digital age has given way to new forms of process addictions including internet, video game, pornography and smart phone addiction – all of which are of growing concerns in Australia. As behaviour surrounding these technologies becomes more and more compulsive, the risk of succumbing to addiction becomes greater.

Compared to traditional substance addictions, process addictions are not as easy to identify in oneself or others. However, although they can be more difficult to spot, they can be just as disruptive to the lives of those who suffer from them.  Process addictions are real addictions that cause chemical changes in the brain and are very tough to overcome without professional treatment. If you suspect that you or someone you care about is suffering from a process addiction contact The Cabin Melbourne today. We offer process addiction assessments that are both comprehensive and confidential. Let us help you find your path to recovery.

Why The Cabin Melbourne is the best choice for process addiction treatment

The Cabin Melbourne utilises a specialised treatment method called Recovery Zones. Created by The Cabin Addiction Services Group, this innovative treatment method is specifically designed to treat complex process addictions, such as food, sex and the internet, for which complete abstinence is not an option. Our unique treatment programme helps you to identify, predict, and manage threats to your recovery, setting you up for success and protecting you against relapse. . At The Cabin Melbourne we believe that discretion is key. We conduct ourselves with the highest degree of professionalism and take every measure to protect your confidentiality while you focus on your recovery.

Process addictions have consequences not only for the sufferer, but also for those close to them. For this reason, The Cabin Melbourne offers family counselling to help loved ones understand your addiction and repair any damage that it has inflicted upon your relationships.

While most addiction facilities in Australia are not equipped to treat process addictions, the hand-selected addiction team at The Cabin Melbourne has experience with all varieties of process addictions and will design a treatment programme to address your individual needs. Our convenient outpatient treatment is flexible and can work around your busy schedule so that you don’t have to sacrifice your personal or professional commitments while working toward recovery.

For those who prefer to fully immerse themselves in their recovery, we offer residential treatment for process addictions at our inpatient treatment centre in northern Thailand, The Cabin Chiang Mai.

Inpatient treatment at The Cabin Chiang Mai

The Cabin Chiang MaiOur residential rehabilitation centre, located just outside of the beautiful Thai city of Chiang Mai, makes it easy to see why Thailand is such a popular holiday destination for Australians. Our scenic and secluded facility including luxurious private rooms, refreshing swimming pools, and tropical gardens provides the perfect setting for healing from addiction. With round-the-clock care provided by our western-accredited team of addiction specialists, and removed from all of the addiction triggers present in your daily environment, you are free to focus entirely on your recovery. Our modern, holistic treatment method is highly successful, and with a 96% completion rate, making it clear why our inpatient programme represents the gold-standard in process addiction treatment.

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