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Sex Addiction treatment in Melbourne

Are your thoughts completely consumed by sex? Do you feel a compulsive desire to watch large amounts of pornography or an overwhelming need to participate in sexual acts? Do you become agitated if you are not able to do so? Are your sexual urges starting to create problems in other areas of your life?

In a society so focused on sex, it can be difficult to tell the difference between a healthy sexual appetite and sexual addiction, and easier than you might think to cross that line. While many people have even gone so far as to deny the existence of sex addiction, the fact is, it is a real behavioural disorder affecting millions worldwide and wreaking havoc on their ability to develop and maintain healthy relationships.

Australian psychologists have reported an influx of people seeking treatment for sex addiction, with one psychologist estimating that approximately one million Australians are afflicted. According to his estimate, this represents approximately 8% of men and 3% of women nationwide. With so many Australians suffering from this complex addiction, it is not a problem that can be ignored.

The good news is recovery is possible. The Cabin Melbourne offers highly effective, confidential treatment for sex addiction. With our help, you can discover how to find freedom from your sex addiction and regain the ability to have meaningful relationships and a healthy sex life.

What is sex addiction?

Sex addiction is characterized by a compulsion towards sexual thoughts and acts. In contrast to drug or alcohol addiction, where one becomes addicted to a particular substance, sex addiction involves becoming addicted to the behaviour, or process of sex. For this reason, sex addiction is classified as a process addiction.

Like substance addiction, sex addiction stems from an issue in the brain region responsible for regulating behaviour and reward. The outward symptoms, however, can vary greatly from one individual to another. This variety in the manifestation of symptoms contributes to the difficulty in identifying sex addiction, particularly in oneself. The one defining feature of sex addiction is that sexual thoughts, behaviours and urges cause significant disturbances in the life of the sufferer.

Types of sex addiction

Although each individual case of sex addiction can look very different from the next, most cases can fit into one of the following categories:

  • Exhibitionist: A sexual obsession with either preforming sex acts within public view or exposing oneself to others without their consent.
  • Trading: Exchanging goods or services for sexual favours; genuine sexual connections are evaded as sex is treated as a commodity.
  • Paid-for: Avoiding genuine intimacy by treating sex as a financial transaction.
  • Voyeuristic: An obsession with watching the sexual activity of others without their knowledge, usually while masturbating, sometimes to the point of injury.
  • Seductive role: A compulsive sexual need to seduce partners using charm and manipulation, reducing them to conquests.
  • Anonymous: An urge to engage in sexual activity with complete strangers
  • Fantasy: A sexual fantasy becomes a substitute for feelings of sexual intimacy
  • Intrusive: Deriving erotic pleasure from unsolicited sexual contact / encounters. Includes brushing up against unsuspecting victims as well as sexual harassment. Often involves one gaining sexual access by exploiting their position of power.
  • Exploitive: An obsessive urge to perform non-consensual sex acts on others (ie rape) or on children (ie paedophilia).
  • Pain exchange: A compulsive need to endure, or cause pain / humiliation in order to feel sexual satisfaction.

Consequences of sex addiction

Untreated sex addiction can have numerous detrimental effects on the lives of sufferers as well as those close to them. Some of these consequences include:

  • Strained or impaired personal relationships
  • Sexually transmitted infections
  • Reduced ability to experience joy in life
  • Lack of interest in vocational activities
  • Feelings of hopelessness, depression
  • Withdrawing from social situations and becoming isolated from others
  • Experiencing shame or guilt as a result of sexual behaviour or urges
  • Financial issues
  • Propensity toward developing other addictions
  • Imprisonment or other legal problems

Sex addiction treatment

The saturation of modern society with sexual messages and imagery poses a particular problem for sufferers of sex addiction. They may feel that they are fighting an uphill battle as they attempt to combat their addiction in the face of infinite triggers. Further, since complete abstinence from sex is not a realistic solution for most people, recovery from sex addiction may seem particularly daunting. Unfortunately, sex addiction does not go away on its own and in the vast majority of cases, it progressively gets worse over time. Considering the seriousness of many of the consequences of this complex disease, it is imperative that treatment be sought as soon as possible to prevent the condition, and related consequences, from escalating too far out of control.

Fortunately, effective, confidential treatment for sex addiction is available and can be provided in either inpatient or outpatient facilities.

Outpatient treatment is the preferred option for individuals who are considered ‘high functioning addicts’. These individuals are able to keep their addiction under wraps while maintaining their normal routine. Inpatient treatment, on the other hand, is best suited for those who require more intensive treatment. As inpatient treatment takes place at a residential rehab facility, clients have the opportunity to recover in an environment free from addiction triggers with 24 hour access to care.

The Cabin Melbourne: the best choice for sex addiction treatment

If sex has begun to take over your life, The Cabin Melbourne has the answer you’ve been looking for. The flexible outpatient programme at The Cabin Melbourne allows you to get the help that you deserve while still keeping up with your work and family commitments. Our fully accredited, knowledgeable team of addiction specialists understand every aspect of sex addiction and will tailor make a treatment plan specifically to address your individual needs.

Our own unique Recovery Zones treatment method has proven to be highly effective in treating complex process addictions for which abstinence is not a realistic recovery goal. Our multifaceted treatment approach also includes other well recognised psychotherapeutic addiction treatments to tackle your addiction from all angles. Any co-occurring addictions or underlying trauma or mental health concerns will be uncovered and treated alongside your sex addiction giving you the best chance of lasting relapse-resistant recovery.

The Cabin Melbourne also offers a family programme to help your loved ones gain an understanding of your addiction and to begin repairing the damage your addiction has inflicted upon your relationships.

Luxury residential rehab at The Cabin Chiang Mai

The Cabin Chiang Mai Considered the gold standard in addiction treatment, our inpatient programme at The Cabin Chiang Mai provides you with the very best in sex addiction treatment. At our tranquil, resort-like facility you will be far removed from your addiction triggers and able to focus your attention entirely on your recovery. Our inpatient programme provides world-class addiction treatment with round the clock access to fully accredited, western trained addiction experts.

At The Cabin Chiang Mai, traditional addiction treatments are supplemented by complimentary therapies such as yoga, meditation and fitness training to provide our clients with full healing of the mind, body and soul. Our multifaceted treatment programme is highly effective and boasts an impressive 96% completion rate.

Our location in beautiful Northern Thailand allows you to enjoy the splendour of this enchanting country while enabling us to provide the highest quality addiction treatment at a fraction of the cost of residential rehab in the west.

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